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Mobile Engine Carbon Clean Service

With owners keeping their vehicles for longer periods, regular maintenance is becoming all the more important. We offer both domestic customers and the Motor Trade the latest in engine technology using the innovative Engine Carbon Clean service.

The mobile Engine Carbon Clean service uses hydrogen technology to remove harmful carbon build-up in a vehicle’s engine via a thorough ‘detox’. The effects are immediate, noticeable and long lasting, such as:

  • More Responsive
  • Lower Emissions
  • Potential Fuel Savings
  • Smoother Performance
  • Restored Horse Power
  • Enhanced Driving Experience
  • Less Vibrations
  • Restored Torque

How does it work?

It’s a simple process of injecting a small amount of hydrogen into the engine’s air intake and running the engine and unit for just 30 minutes. The entire inlet system, cylinder head and exhaust manifold is cleansed without any interference or damage to the engine.

Which vehicles are suitable?

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Large vehicles e.g. HGVs, Horseboxes, Motorhomes etc

LMS are well trained in this aspect of the car care and with our own experience of track vehicles and performance vehicles we can tell you from experience what works and what to avoid.  We have worked with Ford to Ferrari’s, Lada’s to Lambos, Peugeot to Porsche’s so let us know you needs and we will handle it.

Read our FAQ answers on Carbon cleaning here.

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