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Car servicing 3

People living in the Cambridge post code area enjoy MOT pass rates for their cars of 62%.  That is means 38% fail :(.

Here is how some other locations stack up

SG Post Code 64%
CM Post Code 67%
EN Post Code 70%
PE Post Code 62%

What about car ages?

2010 is 80.7%
But a curious one is 80’s car get better pass rates than 90’s cars, could this be because they are approaching classic status and there are more bangers in the 90’s reg range doing the job of being a daily work horse?


  1. Lee and Mark make it easy for me, they keep my car in a diary and tell me when :)

  2. £50 is the going rate, we don’t do them just yet but have a person we can use for our clients.

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