Apr26Jaguar XF 2015 does it get any better?posted by Darren Revell

jaguarxf 1

Ian Callum says of the Jaguar XF

“Our first objective is always proportion and stance, and we’ve protected the sporty profile of the XF even with a bigger cabin. “In fact it’s shorter and lower than the old car, but the width is about the same. And it’s got the best legroom in the business – you’ve never heard that before from Jaguar.” The new Jaguar family look with its upright grille and swept-back lights is complemented by some lovely detailing, like the winglets that sit either side of the bonnet.

“We’ve continued with the front end graphics for the XF because it’s important we have a family look people will recognise – Jaguar isn’t very well known around the world,” said Callum. “This car is assertive and aggressive, without being vulgar – it’s very British.”


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