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Question. How does Carbon cleaning work?


Carbon cleaning removes excess carbon from your cars major systems which builds up over time and causes the performance of the car to dip in multiple areas.


Question. What benefits does Carbon cleaning offer?


Better cold starting
Quieter running
Smoother Idle and Pickup
Improved Power and Torque
Improved Economy
Less smoke from the exhaust
Reduction in flat spots while accelerating
Lower harmful emissions
less carbon build up inside your engine and exhaust system
Prolonged engine component life

Question. Can Carbon cleaning damage my car?


No! absolutely not.

Question. When is best to Carbon cleaning?


It can be done any time.

Question. How many times can it be done?

It can be done multiple times but on short journey cars once every 12 months is good, on long run engines every 18 months.

Question.  Does it matter if my car is old?


No any age of car is fine.

Question. My car is a performance car, is it OK for prestige Marques?

Answer.  Yes it works for call car makers.

Question.  My car has been chipped/modified does this matter?


No all will be fine and you should see bigger benefits.

Question.  Does it work for Vans?


100 percent it works for all van types.

Question.  Does it work for Trucks?


100 percent it works for trucks.

Question.  Can it be used on Contract hire cars?


Yes but you should let your supplier know, it only helps to keep their asset in tip top shape.

Question.  Do you do fleet discounts?


Give us a call for that.

Question.  Where is it done?


We can come to you and/or you can come to us.  We have all we need to work on the vehicle on our mobile unit and we operate a pick up and drop off service in a 75 mile radius of our garage.



  1. Had my BMW X5, BMW M535 and My VW Beetle done, amazing results in all three cars.

    The X5 and Beetle are standard cars but the M535 was chipped and it really sorted out its power delivery.

  2. Had my Mercedes Vito van done by these guys sorted out a juddering problem I had and the van has done nearly 200,000 miles well chuffed.

  3. BMW 325Msport 57 plate 70 miles did a proper job on mine, worth the asking price for sure.

  4. VW Beetle – I am a girl and not good with car stuff but Lee and Mark made sure I knew what I was getting in the carbon clean and now my Lola drives better than ever. Give it a go girls they are not your normal knucle draggers :)

  5. Ford Galaxy 57 Plate – The team at LMS did a fantastic job of repairing my car and got me out of a serious position. The fact they collected the car from my home and fixed the wheel bearing and exhaust then returned the car next day way was fantastic. They took the worry out of the problem and resolved my issue with professionalism and courtesy ! Would highly recommend.

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